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Professional Retreats in the San Francisco Bay Area

Level 2: Assessment, Intervention, and Co-Morbidities

Professional Training for Gottman Couples Therapy

Next Workshop - Friday, November 1st - Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

3 Day Training - 9am to 5pm - 20 CE Hours* for MFT’s, LCSW’s, Psychologists, and RN's

Pre-Requisite: The Level 1 workshop must be completed prior to attending Level 2 workshop.

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Gottman Method Professional Training

Professional Workshops for Couples Therapy

Created by Drs. John and Julie Gottman

Presented by Lisa Lund, CRC, MFT

Master Certified Gottman Therapist

Couples Workshop Leader


Level 2 will deepen your understanding of Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

    It'll expand your strategies and interventions in your couples counseling work!

Training for Couples Therapy now offers the Gottman Method professional workshop “Level 2: Assessment, Intervention, and Co-Morbidities” training created by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. You’ll deepen your understanding of the Gottman Method and expand your strategies and interventions in your counseling work with couples in your practice. Completion of the Level 1 workshop is required before attending the Level 2 training. Registration discounts up to $250!  See registration page for details.

About the Level 2 Gottman Couples Therapy Workshop:

In the Level 2 training you will have the opportunity to practice and integrate Drs. John and Julie Gottman's Assessment and Intervention Methods. Our goals are to immerse you in the Gottman Method and help you gain confidence in using the techniques in your clinical work. This three day training is also the next step toward certification as a Gottman Therapist. You will view original videos of couples from Gottman's famous "Love Lab",  as well as updated video of the Gottman's demonstrating assessment and interventions in case examples pulled from their private practice. You will get plenty of opportunity over the three days to practice using the interventions in role play to help you gain confidence using them with your couples. The last day we will focus on complicated cases involving co-morbidities. We will cover how to assess for them, when to treat and how to treat them in couples therapy. We will focus on cases involving affairs, PTSD, addiction and domestic violence.

In this newly updated three-day workshop, you'll be able to:

• Assess a couple’s “Friendship Profile”, “Conflict Profile”, and “Shared Meanings Profile”.

• Develop interventions that couples can use as antidotes to the “Four Horsemen".

• Help couples to soothe physiological flooding.

• Apply six modes of changing the “Attack/Defend System” in a couple’s interactions.

• Assist couples in establishing dialogue about their grid-locked conflicts.

• Select and implement interventions to help couples deepen their “Friendship System” with rituals of


• Select and implement interventions to help couples create a shared system of values and meaning.

• Identify and implement five different co-morbidities common to couples using Gottman Couples

   Therapy Assessment and Intervention.

Who should attend?

Participants working in the following fields will benefit...

• Mental health providers

• Allied professionals and clergy

• Students and interns

• Family Clinic staff

• Professors/teachers of couples therapy

• Researchers in the social sciences

• Employee assistance professionals

* Note:  For More Info on Continuing Education Credits - CE Credits - CE’s - See Level 2 Registration Page

Workshop hours: 9am to 5:00pm. Click here - See Outline for Details...

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• Learn to internalize and integrate the powerful,

   research-based Gottman Method Assessment and

   Intervention techniques.

• Gain insight as to when to use these methods and

   when couples therapy is contraindicated.

• Become skilled in using our Level II Clinical Manual

   including revised Gottman Core Assessments, Gottman

   Supplemental Assessments and more than 50 Gottman


• You will practice using Assessments and Interventions

   in group role-plays, view demonstration films, and

   participate in extensive discussions about the

   Gottman Method.

• Receive supportive coaching from a Master Certified

   Gottman Therapist as you participate in experiential


“Excellent - Very Thorough -

A well researched, well rounded approach to therapy!!!”

“The Best Professional

Workshop on Couples Therapy

I’ve ever attended!”

“The Venue was excellent - truly a Retreat Experience”

“The intimate size of the

group made it easy to create

valuable connections

with other professionals...”

“Your energetic, informative,

knowledgeable style

made this a

Dynamic Workshop!”

“The theory and therapy

makes so much sense!”

“I was ecstatic to

learn the material...”

“Thank you for providing

this valuable information.”

“It was helpful to

have experienced

‘The Art & Science of Love’

a few weeks ago - to have the

personal experience brought

an added element to the

learning today!!!”


Payment plans available thru PayPal!

See Registration page for details!


These Level 2 workshops are presented in a “Professional Retreat” setting just minutes north of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge at the SF Theological in San Anselmo. Please see registration for venue photo’s and more information.

Lisa Lund, CRC, MFT

Master Certified Gottman Therapist

Couples Workshop Leader



Gottman Professional Training

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Voted one of the 10 most unique event venues in Marin County, our Gottman Professional Trainings are held at the San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Located just 15 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Anselmo, CA, the workshops are presented in a professional retreat setting.

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